Ensemble Libro I

Sabine Stoffer, baroque violin & Alex McCartney, theorbo
(photo: Alex McCartney)


‘They revel in the violin’s power to simulate the human voice, a power that Stoffer raises to ecstatic heights. In slow movements, she leans lightly on long-held notes to make them moan and sigh or ululate with vibrato; on low, grainy notes, her violin growls; and she dashes and skitters through compressed flurries of virtuosic figures. Meanwhile, McCartney virtually shreds his accompaniments with fervent plucking and percussive strumming.’ (The New Yorker, 13th of June 2018)



Ensemble Otium


Sabine Stoffer, baroque violin
Pierre-Augustin Lay, baroque cello
Vera Schnider, arpa doppia
(photo: Fred Walter Uhlig)


Sabine Stoffer, baroque violin & Magdalena Hasibeder, harpsichord

(photo: Marie – Odile Vigreux)


The Poker Club Band

IMG_3763 James Graham, voice
Sabine Stoffer, violin
Pierre-Augustin Lay, cello
Masako Art, harp
Edin Karamazov, guitar
(photo: Sven Schwannberger)


Dance macabre

concept and idea: Tanja Skok, Sabine Stoffer
choreography and dance: Tanja Skok
baroque violin: Sabine Stoffer
(photo: Marco Finsterwald)