I am very happy to be appointed teacher for Baroque Violine at the Musikschule Konsi Bern since February 2018.

There is information on the webseite of the institution available. If you are interested or have questions, you can contact me or the office of the school (office@nullkonsibern.ch). We try to have a solution for everyone.

This summer 2023 I will be teaching at the summer academy in Brunico (south tirol).

Instrumental Courses Brunico
Sabine Stoffer (15. – 20.07.2023) Baroque Violin
Stefano Veggetti (15. – 20.07.2023) Baroque Cello 
Takashi Watanabe (15. – 20.07.2023) Cembalo / Basso Continuo
Jadran Duncumb (15. – 20.07.2023) Lute, theorbo and archlute
Stjepan Nodilo (15. – 20.07.2023) Baroque Oboe 
Ivan Calestani (17. – 22.07.2023) Baroque Fagotto
Alessandra Artifoni (15. – 20.07.2023) Cembalo correpetitor
Master class Brunico
Rachel Podger (18. – 20.07.2023) Baroque Violin
Orchestral Stage Brunico : 21. – 25.07.2023
Rachel Podger Direttore
Simone Pirri (19. – 25.07.2023) Tutor Violins orchestral stage
Stefano Veggetti (15. – 20.07.2023) Tutor Violoncello orchestral stage
Riccardo Coelati Rama (20. – 25.07.2023) Tutor Violone orchestral stage

During the last 3 days of this baroque violin course, there will be a masterclass with Rachel Podger. I am very much looking forward to be able to teach in Brunico in this well-proven collaboration with Rachel Podger.

Admission to the Academy is by sending a CV and an audio/video. The Academy will be divided into two parts, in the first will take place the instrumental courses, in the second there will be the orchestral stage.We will also organise chamber music groups. Press here finding infos in due time.