I am very happy to be appointed teacher for Baroque Violine at the Musikschule Konsi Bern since February 2018.

There is information on the webseite of the institution available. If you are interested or have questions, you can contact me or the office of the school (office@nullkonsibern.ch). We try to have a solution for everyone.

L’Académie des Passions

Course dates: 19.08. – 24.08.2024

Meret Lüthi: violin • viola • chamber music • orchestra leading
Sabine Stoffer: violin • viola • chamber music • orchestra coaching
Linda Mantcheva: cello • chamber music • orchestra coaching
Anne Parisot: historical flutes and woodwind instruments • chamber music • orchestra coaching
Benoît Laurent: oboe • chamber music • orchestra coaching
Ieva Saliete: harpsichord solo • accompaniment • orchestra coaching

The academy in historically informed performance practice with teachers from the orchestra is aimed at instrumentalists: Younger, older and timeless amateurs, students and professionals.

Baroque instruments are preferred, but players of modern instruments are also welcome. Without fear of contact, we dive side by side into practical performance questions, whether in individual or chamber music lessons and at our orchestra as well.