Since 2007, we have organised a music festival in the Kulturkapelle Arni near Biglen that mainly centres around the activity of young Swiss based artists. 

The Kapellenkonzerte enriches the cultural life in Biglen and provides the region with a small but fine chamber music festival that radiates around the region due to its high calibre performances. Notably, the good acoustics of the chapel offers an ideal setting for a music festival. With a variagated programme we cater for a wide audience. Our costs are covered by sponsorship and retiring collections.

The festival with its distinctive charme provides the pleasurable opportunity to focus solely on the performance of chamber music .The music making becomes an intimate gesture where the audience bears witness to the becoming of both well and lesser-known works in a cosy and intimate ambience.

UP-TO-DATE: For 13 years, the festival has been running annually – as the Kulturkapelle can currently not be used as a concert venue, we take a break and work on a different profile for our festival. We will keep you posted!

Take a look at our website www.kulturkapelle.ch where you can keep up to date with any news relating to the festival.

 ‘This little treasure in the temporary plethora of cultural events should not be lost to the region.’
Wochen-Zeitung für das Emmental und Entlebuch, 04/09/2008